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                CONTACT HUB?

                Stay connected to your customer base using our cloud-based Contact Hub

                CRM for small business

                Next-generation complete CRM for your business.

                Organize all of your customers, engage with them, and track all activity from one hub.
                next gen CRM

                All in One Place

                All of your customer information, history, notes, and engagement tools in one place.
                customer relationship management software

                Easy to Sync

                Easily sync Contact Hub? with your current
                systems to keep your contacts up to date.

                best CRM for small business

                Easily access Contact Hub? using the
                GoSite dashboard or the GoSite Mobile App?.

                Centralized Contact Hub

                A complete CRM to manage all of your customer
                interactions and maintain a rich customer profile.


                Connect Your Apps

                Contact Hub? will sync with your existing apps, including Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks, and other platforms using GoSite’s Connection API.
                best customer relationship management software for small and local business

                1-Click Messaging

                Send messages, reschedule appointments, and send promotional offers with one click. Attach Messenger? and Booking? for a complete customer engagement experience.

                Create Contact Groups

                Keep your customers organized into groups that help you keep your business and customer engagement streamlined.

                CRM software system
                WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED

                Connect your business with more customers today

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